‘One Way Or Another’

My buddy Mike over at Furni asked me if I’d help get the word out for this other collaboration he’s a part of called One Way Or Another. Mike has teamed up with Society 6, who you remember I worked with on the Kitsune Noir Poster Club, as well as Club Mumble to create an art show who’s proceeds go to giving disadvantaged youths skateboards. Here’s the gist of it:

Through Society6, we (a group which includes Annie Lam (Contributor), Mike Giles (www.furnicreations.com), Bob Kronbauer (www.clubmumble.com), Sandro Grison (www.colormagagazine.ca), Andy Jenkins (www.bendpress.com), and Justin Cooper (Society6) will be curating 25 artists/collectives from around the world to create original boards that will be sold through Contributor, with all proceeds going directly back to getting skateboards to kids across Canada. What makes this project unique is that rather than people buying a finished piece of your artwork, supporters will instead pre-purchase your time to make a board especially for them, so when it arrives it’s an awesome surprise, kind of like a familiar chocolate with a hidden tasty center!

If you’d like to get involved you can click here.


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Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.030

Holy crap, 30 Mixcasts done and out the door!
It’s crazy to think this silly little idea of mine has taken off so well and that you readers really do love these so much. I couldn’t come up with something super clever this week so what you’ve got is a diverse line-up of songs that I’ve been into this week. I can pretty much guarantee that you haven’t heard everything on here.

It’s also a mini-mix, so there’s no talking on this one. This is mainly due to being up too late, but I think it’s good to have a mixture of speaking and non-commentary mixes. Plus this little guy runs over 52 minutes long, which is pretty rad with no talking at all.

If you have any more suggestions for mix themes please let me know in the comments and as always I hope you enjoy the music.

Here’s this week’s tracklist:
Tech Romance by Her Space Holiday
Photograph Shakes by Letting Up Despite Great Faults
No One In the World by Apples In Stereo
You Don’t Exist If I Don’t See You by Reverie Sound Revue
Par Avian by FM belfast
Vicar In A Tutu by The Smiths
Lingering Still by She & Him
Doesn’t Matter by The Deadly Syndrome
Bloody Nose by Earlimart
Renegade by Kings of Convenience
Acorn Factory by The Dodos
Baby, I Grew You A Beard by Neil Halstead
Faith/Void by Bill Callahan


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This little video is one of the weirder things I’ve ever posted, so we’ll see how it goes over… Justin Wallis, aka MILKBBI, sent me a link to this little video he did called Puppy Love which he describes as a found love letter translated into an old Sega Saturn Japanese dating game… right. It’s pretty weird but you have to give him some props for really making it feel like a weirdo, Japanese game from the late 90’s.

Can you make it to the very end?!


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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Trailer

I kept seeing a ton of people tweeting about the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World earlier this morning and was starting to get annoyed. I know it’s based off of a comic book, and I love comic books even if I haven’t read this one yet, but I was still annoyed. Then my buddy Ryan showed me the trailer and my jaw totally dropped and I was laughing and getting really excited.

The story is about a boy who finds the girl of his dreams, but then his told he has to fight and defeat her seven evil boyfriends in order to be with her. It’s a hysterical idea that’s more inline with the plot of Dragonball Z then a love story, and that’s what makes it work. Add to that the anime style battles and you can see just how amazing this can be. Plus you’ve got Edgar Wright, the guy who wrote and directed Shaun of the Dead, writing (the screenplay) and directing this, so that’s another huge bonus in my opinion.

Watch the trailer and let me know what you think in the comments.


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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

It always seems like artsy video games are a rare commodity to come by. I’m talking about games like Katamari Damacy, Parappa the Rapper or Ico, these kind of games that rely upon a beautiful aesthetic and simple controls to make a game that’s pure enjoyment.

So when I saw this preview of the upcoming Superbrothers game I got pretty excited. Here you have one guy, Craig Adams, who’s taken his unique visual style and crafted an old school styled game called Sword & Sworcery. the game seems rather simple, you explore a beautiful world and kill the bad guys. But it’s the visual style of the world that really makes it seem special. As I was writing this I came across this great “article”, I guess you could call it, that Mr. Adams wrote which is simply titled, Less Talk More Rock. I highly suggest reading it as well.


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Zimoun: Sound Sculptures & Installations

I caught this video a couple weeks ago and I meant to post it sooner. This is a compilation by a Swiss artist named Zimoun who creates sound sculptures, these tiny devices that when multiplied make these almost zen like sounds. To me there’s something so calming about these random, incessant sounds. They’re almost like listening to the rain or a dryer or a waterfall, but you know, these are sounds made out of motors and fans and other mechanical items.

All in all the video is about 10 and half minutes long, so be sure to hang in there and keep watching the whole thing. I’d also suggest listening to everything in headphones, some of these pieces are barely audible. Also be sure to check out the woodworms eating a piece of wood at 4:52.

Found through Jonathan Alger


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Neverend: A Designer Clock Series with Dan Funderburgh

The one thing I love most about this blog is the friendships I’ve created over the years. Sure, this sounds kind of corny, but with these friendships I get to help dream up some pretty amazing stuff. With that, I’d like to introduce my newest project Neverend, an ongoing designer clock series.

Through random circumstances I was introduced to a guy named Mike Giles who runs a design/build company called Furni. Mike and I hit it off and wanted to figure out a way to collaborate together on something cool. Through Furni Mike has created a ton of awesome looking clocks, so we knew that’s where we’d start. I then added together the curation of artists and designers I enjoyed, reaching out to my friends to create custom graphics for the clocks. The final piece was Mike buying a laser etcher, and since then we’ve been working and refining the idea of Neverend for more than a year now. It’s been a long process but we couldn’t be more happy with the results.

Like I mentioned this is going to be ongoing, as in monthly, and to kick things off we’ve got a design from the brilliant Dan Funderburgh. Mr. Funderburgh has been my homie for a while now so he was on my immediate list of contributors. Then when I saw the design he submitted I absolutely freaked out at how beautiful it was. He’s basically taken the Bavarian cuckoo clock style, strapped on some sticks of dynamite and given you a contemporary take on an old classic.

Here are the details:
– Limited edition of 88 / 44 natural & 44 black
– Measure 16″ high x 9″ wide / These are HUGE!
– Laser cut acylic hands are reversible, come in black and white
– Solid birch body, handcrafted in Canada
– Battery operated
– Ships Globally

The clocks retail for $198 and can only be purchased through Furni’s Online Shop.
I’d suggest ordering as fast you can as I have an idea that these are going to sell out quite quickly. There will be a brand new artist and a new design every month, so if you miss out there will be more chances.

For more detailed shots check under the cut.
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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Micah Lidberg

Micah Lidberg

This week’s desktop wallpaper comes from a the very talented brain of Mr. Micah Lidberg, who is a master of patterns and colors. I came across Mr. Lidberg’s work a few months back and was immediately smitten with it. I’d sum up his work as being slightly abstract with lots of great textures and perfect color palettes.

That said, I had to ask if he’d make a wallpaper because his style is just too amazing. What he ended up coming up with these series of wave kinda’ shapes and these colored floating orbs. They kind of remind me of multicolored suns floating amongst a bunch of swirling clouds. Well, whatever you make from it I think it’s one of the most beautiful desktops I’ve featured, and I hope you like it too.


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