Tim Green aka Destroywerk

I got an email the other day from a fellow named Tim Green, who also goes by the moniker Destroywerk. He does a lot of amazing work with digital collages, a lot of which feels oddly biblical to me, not in a bad way, but I don’t think that’s his intention. I think another way to describe his work might be if Mark Weaver was tasked to recreate the New Testament or something, they have a fairly similar vibe to me. Nonetheless, I think he’s doing some very rad work.


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Chris Seddon

Chris Seddon is a rather talented British illustrator who creates a wide array of images that grabbed my attention. First up are his floral patterns which use a color palette that reminds me of something that Andy Warhol would do. Really bold, punchy graphics that demand you look at them. Then there are these pieces he did for an electronic musician named Brassica which look like magazines covers but I guess they’re not. The pieces were created digitally but I think he did a good job of combining these random elements to create new terrains.

Overall I think Mr. Seddon is doing something rather interesting things, especially when it comes to some of his more conceptual pieces.


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Better late than never on today’s #musicmonday post but I’ve got a few fun things I thought I’d share with you this week. A lot of these bands are also on Kitsune Noir Mixcast No.030, so if you haven’t checked that out yet you might wanna’.

First up is She & Him and their new album Volume Two, which is quite a worthy follow up to Volume One. It seems like they were testing the water with the first album and this time around they decided to really go for it. M. Ward’s production particularly shines on this one, with lots of glowing strings and Zooey’s voice melting your heart.

Bill Callahan came next, and for some reason I’ve just been listening the hell out of him lately. Rather random, but his newest album Sometimes I Wish I Were An Eagle is particularly beautiful, even better than Woke On A Whaleheart though I’m not experienced enough to say if it matches his earlier records with Smog.

Coming in fifth is The Avalanches and their seminal (isn’t that such a cliché word to use while describing a record?) album Since I Left You. It’s mind-boggling to think that record was released 10 years ago, and that they still have yet to release another proper album. Wikipedia is telling me that they may be releasing a new record in October, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

Finishing things off is Neil Halstead, the lead singer of Mojave 3. Yet again according to Wikipedia Mojave 3 is simply on hiatus and they’ll be releasing another album in the future, but it’s been 4 years since their last album Puzzles Like You, a gem of an album if you ask me. Thankfully Neil has taken it upon himself to continue releasing albums on his own. I’ve been listening to Oh! Mighty Engine which was released back in 2008, but is still nice to listen to.

As usual feel free to add me on Last.fm by clicking here.


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The DWP with Ghostly + Michael Cina: Daso+Pawas

Ghostly + Michael Cina: Daso+Pawas

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Det by Daso+Pawas
Click here to download

This week I’m happy announce a little partnership with my friends over at Ghostly records to give away a free MP3 by five of their different artists as well as five amazing wallpapers by the ultra-talented Michael Cina. There’s even an iPad wallpaper version to get you prepared for the release of the iPad on Saturday.

Michael has been working with Ghostly for a little while, creating all kinds of beautiful artwork ranging from simple, minimal graphics to full on Pollock-esque paintings. The first wallpaper this week is for the band Daso+Pawas, a duo comprised of Daso Franke and Pawas Gupta who “combine their cool melodics and understated rhythmic sensibilities into a very original and appealing formula.”

Download the wallpapers and the MP3 and check in tomorrow for another awesome pairing.


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The Desktop Wallpaper Project is iPad Ready

Yesterday I undertook quite a large task by going through The Desktop Wallpaper Project and created iPad sized versions for every single wallpaper.

Currently there are over 150 wallpapers to choose from, as you can see from the mosaic above, and there are still some left out from it. This doesn’t even count the Radiohead Countdown Wallpapers either. So for all of you early adopters you can sleep safely knowing that your iPad will have a good looking background.

What would you choose for your very first iPad wallpaper?


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Help Wanted

I think The Beatles said it best:

“Help! / I need somebody,
Help! / Not just anybody,
Help! / Y’know I need someone,

I’m on the search for another person to help me write posts for Kitsune Noir, and here’s why. For the last 9 weeks or so I’ve been working full time as a designer at MySpace. My official title is something along the lines of Lead Content Designer and that’s what I do, I design pages of content, things you haven’t seen yet. So what this ultimately means is that I get up at around 7 am, get to work around 9:30, leave work around 7 and end up getting home again around 8pm. For the last 9 weeks I’ve been squeezing in time to post in a roughly six hour of chunk of time.

So now I need someone’s help. What I’m looking for is a talented writer who can write one blog post a day, Monday through Friday. This will be a paid thing, but don’t expect it to pay your rent, this is me trying something very new and slightly scary. It would be awesome if you already had an existing blog so I can get a sense of your style as well.

To be clear, I’m going to be extremely picky about this. I’m looking for someone who thinks and sees things in the same way that I do, which I know won’t be easy. If you think you’re a fit or know someone who would be shoot me an email at thefoxisblack@gmail.com with the title, “Help Wanted!”

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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‘Gorillaz Routine’ by Kid Koala

Here’s an odd little gem.
Back in 2000 I guess Kid Koala was working with Gorillaz as they were recording the first self-titled album. This makes sense sine Dan the Automator was the producer on that album and he had previously worked with Koala on the Handsome Boy Modeling School record.

So what you have is basically an unreleased Gorillaz song that went into Koala’s routine, thus, Gorillaz Routine… or something like that. Everything I read online about this was a bit fuzzy but this seems to be the gist of it. I have no idea where the video is from but it’s pretty weird and funny. I love the far kid on the handlebars.

Thanks for the tip Samuel!


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SANAA Wins the 2010 Pritzker Prize

This weekend it was announced that the architecture duo of SANAA, Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, were the winners of this years Pritzker Prize. The award, which was first given out in 1979, is given to “honor a living architect whose built work demonstrates a combination of those qualities of talent, vision and commitment, which has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built environment through the art of architecture.”

I don’t know a great deal about these two but they’d honestly been popping up in a lot lately in the places I visit. I watched the video above a couple weeks ago in which they talk about the Rolex Learning Center, a campus they created in Switzerland. It’s a really beautiful building with sloping floors and an extremely open environment.

ArchDaily has a bunch of their projects which I’ll list below for you to check out:
Rolex Learning Center
The 2009 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion
Zollverein School of Management and Design


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