Roman & Williams: A Video by The Scout

Dear Tom Ran, author of the wonderful blog The Scout, I hate you. Okay that’s not true at all, I envy the hell out of you for making this video.

I’ve known Tom through the internets now for a couple of years now, when he was living in Los Angeles and running a blog by a different name. Cut to him moving to New York and soaking in the culture there like a sponge and is now kicking ass in his current incarnation, The Scout. One of the coolest things he’s doing are these interview videos featuring some of the most talented and hard working people in NY. Their first video put the spotlight on the brothers of BillyKirk and their newest video features Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer, the duo behind Roman & Williams.

If you follow design-y things you should be familiar with the work of Roman & Williams, who’ve had two major projects in the last two years, the Standard Hotel in New York as well as the Ace Hotel. Their ability to create spaces that feel like they’re worn in while still feeling contemporary is unrivaled. There’s just something about their spaces that make you feel comfortable, like as Mrs. Standefer describes the Standard restaurant, they “tried to find that sweet spot of something that is familiar, that has a sense of memory, but isn’t a complete recreation.”

Wonderful job all around, be sure to take the 10 minutes to watch this.


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  1. Ryan March 31, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    I love that they’re almost taking a set-design approach to architecture, but instead of cardboard walls and no ceilings, it’s all real, and totally immersive down to the smallest detail; like the buildings expect you to live up to their expectations, instead of the other way around!

  2. kenyan April 1, 2010 at 9:18 PM

    …My Hero’s !

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