Help Wanted

I think The Beatles said it best:

“Help! / I need somebody,
Help! / Not just anybody,
Help! / Y’know I need someone,

I’m on the search for another person to help me write posts for Kitsune Noir, and here’s why. For the last 9 weeks or so I’ve been working full time as a designer at MySpace. My official title is something along the lines of Lead Content Designer and that’s what I do, I design pages of content, things you haven’t seen yet. So what this ultimately means is that I get up at around 7 am, get to work around 9:30, leave work around 7 and end up getting home again around 8pm. For the last 9 weeks I’ve been squeezing in time to post in a roughly six hour of chunk of time.

So now I need someone’s help. What I’m looking for is a talented writer who can write one blog post a day, Monday through Friday. This will be a paid thing, but don’t expect it to pay your rent, this is me trying something very new and slightly scary. It would be awesome if you already had an existing blog so I can get a sense of your style as well.

To be clear, I’m going to be extremely picky about this. I’m looking for someone who thinks and sees things in the same way that I do, which I know won’t be easy. If you think you’re a fit or know someone who would be shoot me an email at with the title, “Help Wanted!”

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


March 29, 2010