‘One Way Or Another’

My buddy Mike over at Furni asked me if I’d help get the word out for this other collaboration he’s a part of called One Way Or Another. Mike has teamed up with Society 6, who you remember I worked with on the Kitsune Noir Poster Club, as well as Club Mumble to create an art show who’s proceeds go to giving disadvantaged youths skateboards. Here’s the gist of it:

Through Society6, we (a group which includes Annie Lam (Contributor), Mike Giles (www.furnicreations.com), Bob Kronbauer (www.clubmumble.com), Sandro Grison (www.colormagagazine.ca), Andy Jenkins (www.bendpress.com), and Justin Cooper (Society6) will be curating 25 artists/collectives from around the world to create original boards that will be sold through Contributor, with all proceeds going directly back to getting skateboards to kids across Canada. What makes this project unique is that rather than people buying a finished piece of your artwork, supporters will instead pre-purchase your time to make a board especially for them, so when it arrives it’s an awesome surprise, kind of like a familiar chocolate with a hidden tasty center!

If you’d like to get involved you can click here.


March 28, 2010