Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Trailer

I kept seeing a ton of people tweeting about the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World earlier this morning and was starting to get annoyed. I know it’s based off of a comic book, and I love comic books even if I haven’t read this one yet, but I was still annoyed. Then my buddy Ryan showed me the trailer and my jaw totally dropped and I was laughing and getting really excited.

The story is about a boy who finds the girl of his dreams, but then his told he has to fight and defeat her seven evil boyfriends in order to be with her. It’s a hysterical idea that’s more inline with the plot of Dragonball Z then a love story, and that’s what makes it work. Add to that the anime style battles and you can see just how amazing this can be. Plus you’ve got Edgar Wright, the guy who wrote and directed Shaun of the Dead, writing (the screenplay) and directing this, so that’s another huge bonus in my opinion.

Watch the trailer and let me know what you think in the comments.


March 25, 2010