Pedro Fernandes Wins The Magic: The Designing Contest

I meant to announce the winners of the Magic: The Designing Contest yesterday so I’m sorry for the added suspense. We received a bunch of great entries but Frank and I decided that this entry by Pedro Fernandes was the clear winner. This entry both encapsulates the ideas of art/design and the basic mechanics of old school Magic cards. I think all the details in this really sell it as well, I can totally see this being a real Magic card. I also love the inclusion of the Magritte style hat that acts as the symbol for which collection it’s a part of. Awesome job Pedro!

I’ve also decided to include a couple of other gems that popped up that I enjoyed. First is Buckminster Fuller by Patrick Stephenson which was a very close second, and then Takashi Murakami by Robert Weiss which totally made me laugh. I’ll also try and do more of these mini-contests in the future since a lot of readers enjoyed this idea.


March 23, 2010