Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.029

Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.029
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This week’s Mixcast is a fun one, filled with songs to remind you of the warmth of spring and summer. These songs are all quite upbeat and poppy and should make you feel happy overall. Of course I had to end the mix with a couple of more quiet songs, but they still remind me of summer, especially when it’s late and the sun is just starting to set.

If you’d like to suggest a theme for next week feel free to do so in the comments, I think this works out pretty well. Also keep in mind that next week is 30, so maybe we can work that in somehow…? Put on those thinkin’ caps and let me know your ideas.

Here’s this week’s tracklist:
Meet Me in the Garden by Dent May
Here Comes The Sun Again by M.Ward
Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles
Foolin’ by Devendra Banhart
Holiday by Vampire Weekend
Like Castanets by Bishop Allen
The Swimming Song by Vetiver
Oh, Magnolia Tree by Ducktails
Kay-Ray-Ku-Ku-Ko-Kex by Múm
A Higher Power by Jens Lekman
The Line by Wave Machines
Oklahoma, U.S.A. by Yo La tengo
Saturday by The Clientele


March 19, 2010