‘Crush With Eyeliner’ by R.E.M.

For whatever reason I was thinking about more awesome songs from the 90’s when the classic R.E.M. jam Crush With Eyeliner popped into my head. I’m pretty sure that this, along with What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?, was one of the last great jams from R.E.M., or at least that I can recognize.

I’m pretty sure I remember hearing that the song was written about Courtney Love, and if you listen to the lyrics they certainly fit. I didn’t realize it but Spike Jonze directed this video, and I remember watching it and being so confused that there was a Japanese dude singing instead of a skinny bald dude. Also of note is that Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth sings the back up vocals in the chorus.

What’s also kind of funny to think about is how stuff like this probably influenced Sophia Coppola in writing Lost in Translation, since the movie is basically about her and Spike’s relationship. I can totally imagine her sitting in a hotel in Tokyo while Spike ran around the city shooting crazy videos like this.

Such a rad song that I think kind of goes overlooked in the epic R.E.M. back catalog.


March 18, 2010