The PS22 Chorus Sings ‘Lisztomania’ by Phoenix

About 10 years ago or so I remember hanging out at a Border’s, listening to random music on those headphones they had and stumbling across a reord called The Langley Schools Music Project. It was a collection of kids from 1966-67 who were singing pop songs by David Bowie, The Beach Boys and other popular artists like them. It’s a brilliant record because it’s so amazing how different a song can sound when it’s sung by children.

This video above reminds me of that. The group is called the PS22 Chorus and they’re singing Lisztomania by Phoenix. Watching this totally gives me chills, it just sounds so beautiful. I also love that these kids are so into the song, they’re all just rocking out to it. These kids are the real life Glee.

Thanks to David for the tip.


March 16, 2010