Whoops, #musicmonday on a Tuesday, whatcha’ gonna’ do? This week there wasn’t a whole lot of new stuff, mostly just familiar things. The number one spot by a large lead was Caribou and his new album Swim. As I mentioned on the post of his new video for the song Odessa it’s an amazing album that I think is going to blow up. I don’t know how you can’t enjoy this album.

I’m still enjoying the heck out of The Go Find as well, their music is just so poppy and fun and perfectly suitable for any time. Rounding things out was a new band I found through my friend Chris called White Hinterlands, which I’m still getting into, and of course Casiokids who’ve won my heart over.

I also have been digging the new She & Him Volume Two which you can stream over on NPR. It’s rad that NPR keeps getting these exclusives, it’s a nice way to premiere an album.

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March 16, 2010