Oliver Spencer Waxed Cotton Pole Jacket

I had a fellow write me yesterday saying he enjoyed more of the style related posts, that he wasn’t so hot at dressing himself, so I thought I might start including a few more clothing related posts throughout the week. Though for the best style advice you should visit my friends at A Continuous Lean, Valet, Inventory Magazine and Selectism.

What I have today is a pole jacket by Oliver Spencer, a British brand that reminds me a lot of J.Crew, in that they make really solid, timeless looking pieces that you can wear forever and with anything. Both of those ideas are key. The jacket is a waxed cotton so it’s a bit lighter than a winter coat and has a zipper and buttons, which make for a nice detail on the front of the coat. I’m digging the pockets as well, I’d totally stash my iPhone in one of those top ones.

The jacket, painfully, is priced upwards of $400. But the way to think about pieces like this is that they’re extremely well made with great materials. So instead of buying four $100 dollar jackets over four years you can buy one that will last you 10 to 20 years. And it’s got such a timeless look to it that unless we start wearing some sort of future clothing, you’ll always be in style.


March 15, 2010