Sorry all of today’s posts are so late today, things at work were kind of crazy. As you can see I was definitely crazy over the new Gorillaz album, and I still stand my previous review. It’s an amazingly fun album that shouldn’t be missed. Here’s are some suggestions for some good tunes.

1) Yo La Tengo – I’ve been listening to YLT as I’ve been going to bed lately, specifically The Sounds of the Sounds of Science. It was created as a score for Jean Painlevé’s eight short documentary-style films that were all about sea critters. There’s no words to any of the songs, it’s just a lot of really laid back, ambient kinda stuff.

2) Jonsí – I was about to get a copy of Jonsí’s new album Go, something I’ve been really looking forward to for a while now. I’ve listened to it a few times now, and honestly I think all the really great songs have been released. I wouldn’t say that Go is a bad album in any way, but I think in some ways I was expecting even more. I think I need to listen to it in the morning on my way to work and not at night when I’m tired as all get out.

3) Beach House – I was thinking the other day that I was kind of burnt out by Beach House’s newest Teen Dream since I was able to hear it last year, but damn, it’s still such an amazing album. Norway still gives me chills and I get re-excited when I get to Lover of Mine. If for some bizarre reason you live under a rock and don’t have this album, you should walk to your local record store and buy it.

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March 8, 2010