Brand New Tron Legacy Trailer

There are a lot of really stellar looking movies coming out this year and Tron Legacy is high on that list. I honestly don’t even remember the original very well, just vague snippets of fat guys in glowing suits. Obviously this looks like something out of this world, like The Matrix for the two thousand teens era.

Based on this trailer alone I think this movie is going to be huge. It’s such a visual treat, and kind of unlike anything else out there. I think the original really did a great job to try and embody that early computer buzz but in this current incarnation it’s been refined into something even greater. Add to that a Daft Punk soundtrack and yeah, you’ve got a gem of a film.

Be sure to watch to the very end as well, there’s a snippet you can’t miss.
Also, if you’d like to check out the trailer in a higher resolution visit program-glitch-esc, which is kind of the official hub, I think.


March 8, 2010