‘Pink Terror’ with Stephen Hawking by Mike Barzman

I got an email from Mike Barzman who sent me this sweet video he did called Pink Terror which features all kinds of destruction and mayhem. You’ve got a guy lighting off firecrackers, another making a DIY flamethrower out of a can of hairspray and a lighter, one guy with a crowbar smashing bottles, a fellow being pelted by water balloons and finally a dude going all Gallagher on a watermelon.

What makes it kind of rad is that it’s all shot on a Phantom camera at 1800 frames per second, so you can see all the little bits and details. They’re also color coordinated with their activities, so it’s kind of artsy at the same time. Then you add in Stephen Hawking talking over the whole thing, and bam!, awesome video.


March 4, 2010