‘En Vill Hest’ by Casiokids

I think continuing the weird vibe of Wednesday into Thursday would definitely be appropriate, so here’s a little video for the Norwegian band Casiokids and their song En Vill Hest. First off the song is really great, it’s very much like an 80’s gem with kind of a Caribbean (?) kind of feel to it, the whole thing being sung in Norwegian and sounds awesome.

The video itself is pretty funny and weird, which was directed by Kristoffer Borgli. I always love watching other people dance, and this video doesn’t fail me. The whole vibe is kind of this creepy Knife/Fever Ray kind of thing, but with an 80’s teen flick vibe to it. Is the statue possessed? Did he destroy the demon that came to his house? Is he just on drugs?! Totally fun little video for a great track.


March 4, 2010