Curious Displays by Julia Yu Tsao

I’m a sucker for futuristic devices that could make our day-to-day a little bit easier, and these Curious Display definitely seem like a great idea. Created by Julia Yu Tsao, these tiny robots feature vibrant displays on their backs, and cluster together like ants or bees, helping each other out to create messages, locate items or even transform into a display to watch movies (I don’t use the word “television” anymore, it’s really not very true anymore, especially in this case).

I love the idea of having these little robotic helpers basically giving me status updates in real life. It’s the idea of bridging the digital and physical world that I find so interesting. And if they’re adaptable, say being able to climb up walls or transform to complete a particular task, then that makes them all the more valuable. A really great idea which I’d love to start seeing more of.


March 4, 2010