Tavis Coburn Illustrates the BAFTA Nominees

My buddy Ryan sent me a link to some “cool movie posters” which as soon as I looked at them I knew immediately they were the work of Tavis Coburn. It seems that Mr. Coburn was asked to illustrate the best picture nominees for the BAFTA’s, or the British Academy Film & Television Awards, and I think he did such a phenomenal job.

My favorite of the bunch is The Hurt Locker, which almost looks like a science fiction film than a war film. Something about the lighting and the colors really makes me love it. There’s also the extremely detailed Avatar image, which if you look closely has red and blue around the edges, which is a reference to the film being in 3D. After that is Precious, which is brilliant because her face fits almost the entire page but the image still looks perfect and beautiful.

I’ve put the other two images for Up in the Air and An Education under the cut as well. I really can’t express just how brilliant I think these posters are. I think he deserves a BAFTA for his pieces of art, they’re that good to me.


March 1, 2010