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The DWP with Ghostly + Michael Cina: Bodycode

Ghostly + Michael Cina: Bodycode

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What Did You Say by Bodycode
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Well it’s Wednesday which means we’re on out third Ghostly/Michael Cina wallpaper of the week. We’re also on our third MP3 which comes from Bodycode, who’s quite a worldly musician. Also known as Alan Abrahams, Bodycode was born in South Africa, grew up in London and Lisbon then finally settled in Berlin. Last year he released an album called Immune, a house-y sounding record with the awesome song What Did You Say as the lead track.

Yet again Michael Cina created another beautifully abstract cover, this time using real paints, which looks like acrylic and watercolor to me. I honestly don’t even really like abstract style art but there’s something about Mr. Cina’s use of colors or something that totally get me into these. I hope you enjoy it and check back tomorrow for another gem.


AIR DO Posters by 3KG

The other day I received an email from a reader named Shin who wrote to me because I had tweeted about watching Samurai Shamploo. The reason he wrote me was because he’s living in Sapporo and he’s a fan of the show. In the signature of his email was a link to the firm he works for, 3KG, and these fun posters they created for the Japanese airline AIR DO.

I don’t know what it was that grabbed me about these posters, I think there are a few reasons. First is the obvious choice of neon colors, there’s probably no better way to grab someone’s attention. Second is the choice of font, which is so bold and angular, and the way it’s laid out is really spot on. I think the icing on the cake is that the words are silkscreened on the poster in a metalli silver, which really just makes it awesome. This is kind of a random post but I think the details of this poster are too good not to share.

Be sure to view the rest of their work as well, there’s some good stuff.


Roman & Williams: A Video by The Scout

Dear Tom Ran, author of the wonderful blog The Scout, I hate you. Okay that’s not true at all, I envy the hell out of you for making this video.

I’ve known Tom through the internets now for a couple of years now, when he was living in Los Angeles and running a blog by a different name. Cut to him moving to New York and soaking in the culture there like a sponge and is now kicking ass in his current incarnation, The Scout. One of the coolest things he’s doing are these interview videos featuring some of the most talented and hard working people in NY. Their first video put the spotlight on the brothers of BillyKirk and their newest video features Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer, the duo behind Roman & Williams.

If you follow design-y things you should be familiar with the work of Roman & Williams, who’ve had two major projects in the last two years, the Standard Hotel in New York as well as the Ace Hotel. Their ability to create spaces that feel like they’re worn in while still feeling contemporary is unrivaled. There’s just something about their spaces that make you feel comfortable, like as Mrs. Standefer describes the Standard restaurant, they “tried to find that sweet spot of something that is familiar, that has a sense of memory, but isn’t a complete recreation.”

Wonderful job all around, be sure to take the 10 minutes to watch this.


Holger Schilling

I came across the work of Holger Schilling and was totally swept up by the mood of his photos, especially this series called Bastionen: Vergessene Festen Vergessener Systeme (Lost Fortresses of Lost Regimes) which features old train stations in East Germany.

What I really love about these photos is that they feel authentic. I imagine if you stood in that very spot the sky would be that dim grey color, the buildings would be slightly desaturated and the textures in everything around you would look quite sharp. I also think the look of these photos are almost counter-intuitive to how a lot of photography looks these days in a time of HD merging and super high contrast images, so it’s nice seeing photos that aren’t trying to overly impress anyone.


Parra at Project Space

This Thursday is the opening of a brand new gallery space from the fine folks over at Arkitip and Incase which is called Project Space. The opening event will feature new works by that amazing Dutch fella’ Parra, who appears to have created some framed pieces as well as a big ass mural for the space. I think Parra is one of those next level dudes who creates things in a way that only he really understands, so this should be a really rad show.

The show opens tomorrow night from 7 – 11pm.
Project Space
603 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90036
+1 323 938 8818 Telephone

Google maps link


The DWP with Ghostly + Michael Cina: Sami Koivikko

Ghostly + Michael Cina: Sami Koivikko

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Sapphire by Sami Koivikko
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Like I promised yesterday here is the second of five wallpapers from the amazing Michael Cina as well as a great track from Sami Koivikko. Mr. Koivikko is a Finnish “microhouse/experimental techno producer” who makes some rather amazing beats. I think I’ve listened to the song above about 7 times now, it’s great for getting work done. He’s also got a mixtape and a live performance on his site as well, so if you dig the song above check these out as well.

The artwork above is an image that Mr. Cina put together for the cover of Sapphire which came out back in 2008. The digital painting reminds me of close-up of something you’d see hanging in a museum, like a microscopic work of art. It should make quite a great wallpaper.


‘The Selby Is in Your Place’

On Sunday I headed over to my favorite bookstore Skylight Books and picked up a copy of Todd Selby’s new book The Selby Is In Your Place. It was funny actually, they also had a copy of The Sartorialist’s book as well; clearly being a photographer and showcasing your work online is really paying off. Nonetheless I passed up on Mr. Schuman’s book and stuck with just The Selby.

The Selby Is In Your Place is a collection of photos and questionnaires from the blog, but put together in a curated way with bits of commentary. It’s actually really nice to see his photos on the printed page, you just get a better sense of these places when you’re not staring at a screen. The book is filled with some eclectic folks and it’s really fun seeing the nuances of their lives.

If you’re a fan of Mr. Selby’s blog I’d definitely suggest checking out this book. I’ve also put some more photos under the cut, so check those out as well.

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Ulule Ad by Julien Nantiec

Ulule is a service a lot like Kickstarter where you get your friends and social circle to help you fund a project, though it seems as though it’s more of an international version. That said Julien Nantiec was tasked with creating a commercial for Ulule, illustrating all of the previously stated ideas.

What he came up with is an adorable little advertisement that not only makes you smile but it got me curious to check out the service as well. It’s quite a simple commercial overall but its simplicity, to me, translates to clarity of message, which is what’s most important.