The Zissou by Clae

Last week I got a sneak peak at Clae’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2010 releases and they’ve got a lot of rad shoes coming out. But one definitely caught my eye which is called the Zissou. This sweet little shoe is an evolutionary step from their another shoe they made called the Coustea, though the Zissou has a nice set of laces on it. It comes in two different colorways, a classy looking navy which is my favorite, or for the daring there’s the mint.

I think the warm Los Angeles weather has me ready for summer already!


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Evisu x Common Projects Sneakers

Today I’ve got a few cool shoe related posts, something I haven’t done here in a little while. First up is a collaboration from Evisu, whom I know from their line of denim, who’ve teamed up with Common Projects, a company who in my opinion makes some of the sexiest shoes out there. The outcome is pretty similar to what Common Projects normally does but there are some new details like the suede on the toe and that navy color is something I haven’t seen before.

Sadly, these aren’t going to be out until next fall, with the hi-top going for $185 and the low-top for $165. I think I’d get a pair of the hi-top, black ones, though the white ones could be rad for the summer.


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‘God Only Knows’ Is The Best Love Song Ever

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God Only Knows by The Beach Boys

Last Friday I had a little contest asking you to tell me what the best love song ever written was. Surprisingly only one of you guessed it, a Mr. Ron Nurwisah from Toronto, who correctly guessed that the song was God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. In his own words:

“Easy… “God only knows” by the Beach Boys. It’s probably going to be the first song at my wedding.”

Easy indeed. This to me sums up everything that loves means all in 2:51. Never has there been a more impassioned plea sung in a song. The song was released in 1966 and I honestly can say, for me personally, nothing comes close to touching this song.

Congrats Ron, you’ve got a James Gulliver Hancock poster coming your way.


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Sailing Stones Infographic by Danny Jones

My buddy Danny Jones (who runs the wonderful blog YASLY) created this amazing infographic which displays the paths taken by sailing stones. As you can read above, the stones are quite a mystery, as they seem to be moving themselves somehow, without the help of any humans or animals. But as you can see above, they’re definitely cruising around the desert somehow.

The illustration is a part of a new series he’s started called Infographic Exploration which I’m really curious to more of. I love the idea of taking a random entry from Wikipedia and creating an illustration around it. Maybe I should make a contest?

Anyhow, I think this graphic is awesome and I can’t wait to see Danny do more.


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Network Osaka

I’d like to tell you about Network Osaka, the designer of the posters you see above, but unfortunately they don’t give much information about himself (I’m guessing it’s a dude). What I can tell you is how talented he is. The guy is a master of all things type and shape, creating wonderfully colored designs that are contemporary and kinda futuristic at the same time. The way he uses abstract shapes is so subtle and simple but overall is really effective and making his work seem so interesting.

I’d also suggest checking out his Flickr, which to me seems a bit easier to navigate then his personal site.


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This fun little app has been floating around my circle of Twitter friends for the past week so I thought I’d share it here. I’m not sure if it’s officially called MousePath but that’s what I’ve been seeing it called, so we’ll stick with that. This mini-app allows you to track all of your mouse movements and clicks for as long you want to record it. After awhile you start to see patterns emerge, such as you can see in the two images above.

The images were created last week over the course of a night. I was mocking up a website in Photoshop so that’s what most of those lines are. It was probably around 4 to 6 hours of mouse moving total. The first image was probably around 3 hours in and the second about an hour later. I don’t really know what you’d do with these images but it’s interesting to see your own work patterns.

To try it yourself download it here:
For PC / For Mac


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It’s technically a holiday here in the States so I’m relaxing a bit today. That being said I’ve got some great posts coming in a bit, so hang in there. This week it seems that I didn’t listen to much, which I suppose is true, but here’s the things I suggest you check out.

1) The Radio Dept. – I discovered these guys the same way I think a lot of other people did, through Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette. They have kind of sythy 80’s feel to them but sound timeless in my opinion. I’ve got two albums and seven EPs of their’s, but I’d suggest starting with Lesser Matters and working your way from there. They’ve also have a new album coming out in March called Clinging To A Scheme, which I’ll be sure to clue you into once it’s out.

2) Boards of Canada – I’ve known about these guys forever but I realized that I’d never heard any of their albums before. I can’t say I’m any kind of expert but I think The Campfire Headphase is a good place to start. Note of interest, Boards of Canada are neither a Board, nor Canadiann, they are a Scottish duo.

3) Collections of Colonies of Bees – Found out about these guys after they collaborated with Justin Vernon on Volcano Choir, which if you also don’t know about you should. CoCoB makes a lot of great, atmospheric instrumental music which is also kind of weird at the same time. I think a good place to start with these guys is their album Birds, which is made up of 4 songs but totals around 38 minutes.

As usual feel free to add me on by clicking here.


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Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No.025

Since Sunday is Valentine’s Day I thought it was appropriate to create a Mixcast dedicated to love. I’m lucky enough to find myself with someone special this year, so it definitely has a positive slant to it. If I was single this would be probably be an eff’ love mix, but maybe I’ll do that next year no matter what circumstance I find myself in, just to balance things out.

These are some of my favorite lovey songs and I think they work pretty well together. I opted for another mini-mix because you shouldn’t have to listen to my voice when you’re trying to makeout with your potential spouse/date/lover/desperate friend. I hope you enjoy it and remember that love is all you need.

Here’s this week’s tracklist:
More Adventurous by Rilo Kiley
First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes
Postcards From Italy by Beirut
God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
The Luckiest by Ben Folds
Center Of Gravity by Yo La Tengo
In My Life by The Beatles
Reservations by WIlco
I Must Be In a Good Place Now by Vetiver
Lullabye by Ben Folds Five
Asleep And Dreaming by The Magnetic Fields


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