‘Grindin’ by Nobody Beats The Drum

If I had to describe this video in a brief sentence I’d have to say it’s, “one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen ever.” The video was created by a guy named Rogier van der Zwaag for the band Nobody Beats The Drum. Roger acts as the visual artist for the band so he was tasked to create the video for the song Grindin’, and what he’s done has blown my mind. Using nothing but spray-painted wooden blocks and stop-motion he’s created a visual experience that’s absolutely brilliant.

All in all there were 4085 photos taken, and he meticulously put together this visual insanity. I think it was pretty clever that he technically only shot a quarter of the video, then flipped it both horizontally and vertically in post. My absolute favorite part is when he uses the black lights to make the blocks glow, it just looks really amazing. Not to mention that the video totally reflects the frantic nature of the song, I mean, to me this is perfect synthesis of art and music.

If you’d like a (comical) behind the scenes look at the video you can click here.


February 25, 2010