‘Ready. Fire. Aim.’, A New Show by Shawn Wolfe

A long time ago in suburb far, far away I was just a kid who was using his internet connection to discover a world beyond anything he could imagine. This was in the early late, late 90’s early 00’s when I obsessed over sites like K10K, Design is Kinky and Newstoday, but there was one site that really opened my eyes, and that was We Have A Problem. They were, and still are, a Seattle based art gallery, though for some reason my younger self never knew that. All I knew was that they had this great batch of really collective people on their site and I was totally smitten and inspired.

But one artist always stood out to me, a guy named Shawn Wolfe. Back in the day Mr. Wolfe created this random, abstract device called Removerinstaller (see this cover) that I think was meant to represent all the random crap that people buy that they absolutely don’t need. But I honestly hadn’t heard anything about him until last week I got an email from the folks over at Subtext Gallery in San Diego saying they were hosting a show by him called Ready. Fire. Aim. I have to say I was kind of shocked, it was like a weird uncle just showed up on your doorstep after 10 years without talking.

The show opens this Friday, February 26 and from what I can tell features a bunch of hand made signs he’s created which all feature witty, but hand made, slogans. Feels very late 90’s, but hell, more power to him. If you’re in the area be sure to pop by and say hi.


February 24, 2010