Johansson/Heidi Nilausen Promo Video

It’s Thursday so I’m gonna be throwing a ton of video content your way for the majority of the day, but we’re gonna start off with a music video/fashion showcase. The music is by a Swedish artist named Johansson while the clothing was created by Heidi Nilausen and combined they’ve got something really great going on.

The video was directed by Philippe Tempelman and Kian Zubicky and it’s beautifully shot
by photographer Axel Lindahl, who definitely gives it it’s overall mood. To me the video looks like something Karin Andersson of The Knife would do if she made a clothing line. IT’s mysterious and moody and to be honest totally fun. I think not only is the video beautiful but the song is pretty rad as well, I hope I get to hear more from this Johansson fella’.


February 24, 2010