Fancy, New Blogs Round-Up

In the past couple weeks I’ve come across a few new blogs that I’ve been enjoying, so I thought I’d share them and see what you think. They’re mostly design related, I think more in the product realm than anything, but I think these folks have a great start to what they’re doing.

1) Black Harbor – I was introduced to Black Harbor through one of it’s members Mike and immediately I was impressed by it’s visual design. It feels really polished and well put together, which makes me want to dive deeper. Mike describes the site as a “Art/Design online magazine” and I’m totally digging it.

2) Pratt // Liam Jeff Rubino – Through my stat counter I can see who’s linking to me and where my hits are coming from, and I noticed that Liam’s blog had linked to me, so I checking it out. I’m not really sure what his story is, all that I’ve sussed out is that he goes to Pratt and he’s got a great eye for design. I’m not usually a fan of Tumblr blogs but this guy knows his art and product design, so scrolling through his site is quite enlightening. Plus I love the general aesthetic with the wood background and big white tiles, it really sets the site off.

3) FRESH01 – This was another blog that randomly linked to me that I lurked to. It’s run by a fellow named Cobus who’s programmed an absolutely beautiful experience. What’s really brilliant about his blog is when you scroll down the two blue dots change depending upon where you are on the site. If you scroll past a photo post you get the date in the left circle and a polaroid shape in the right circle. It’s something you need to experience for yourself, so definitely check this one if you’re a UX dork.

4) Werd – This site was sent to me by it’s owner Marc and I feel like he’s got a really good vibe going on with Werd. It reminds me of Uncrate a bit and feels very masculine to me with it’s choice of colors, fonts and tone.

Definitely visit all of these folks and let me know what you think in the comments. I’m sure all of these blogs would love to hear positive feedback, so if you’re going to be critical at least do it respectfully.


February 24, 2010