Bursts of Color in Public

It kind of felt like the blog needed more color today, so I think I’ve found the perfect solution to this. I was browsing over on design work life, one of my newest favorite blogs which is run by Courtney Doloff who runs a design studio in New York called Seamless Creative. Courtney posted about two separate projects, one was called Chalk Walk by Katie Sokoler and the other was a new gallery show called Crystals & Lasers by MWM in Paris.

I thought they were both so extremely beautiful and I loved that they both had some sort of place in public. Technically most of MWM’s work was inside the gallery, but he did one huge mural on the outside wall which people can soak in. All the colors and facets to his huge mural are so amazing and make me want to paint my own giant mural. As for Ms. Sokoler’s Chalk Walk I just think it’s a cute idea, sort of like cheap interactive art. I’m sure people smiled as they got closer to these colorful footsteps.

Neither of these projects are completely groundbreaking but they certainly make me happy, and that’s the important part to me.


February 23, 2010