Phew, can’t believe it’s already Monday afternoon already! Time certainly is flying today. I was able to grab a few new records over the weekend which I think are pretty great, so that’s what I’ll be sharing today.

1) The Radio Dept. – Yes, I know I wrote first about The Radio Dept. last week, but I was able to grab a copy of their new album Clinging to a Scheme and I can’t stop listening to it. Like their other albums it’s quite melodic but has that My Bloody Valentine drone to it. You absolutely need to hear the song Heaven on Fire (which will probably be on the next Mixcast).

2) Joanna Newsome – I was really excited for this album, especially after hearing Good Intentions Paving Company. But I have to say that the whole thing just kind of sounds the same so far. And it’s like 30 songs long… 30 songs of the same thing over and over. It’s not exactly a bad thing, I was just hoping for a bit more musical diversity. I shall listen to it more and see if I this opinion changes.

3) Lawrence Arabia – This was such a great find over the weekend. Lawrence Arabia is basically James Milne, a New Zealand based musician who’s like Dr. Dog with a Beatles twist (hear: The Undesirables) to it, make sense? The guy is a genius and will be featured on this week’s Mixcast as well. I highly suggest checking out his newest Chant Darling, that is if you can find it.

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February 22, 2010