‘Bear’ by The Antlers

In my favorite albums of last year I think I was pretty clear that Hospice by The Antlers was hands down my favorite. So it’s kind of funny that there’s just now a brand new video out for one of my favorites off of the album, Bear. I’m pretty sure the song is about a young couple who end up getting pregnant and then choose to abort the baby. But I think they make the choice because they’re so old, or as he repeats in the song over and over, “Just too old… we’re not old at all…”

I’m not quite sure what the video has to do with the song at all, but it’s certainly beautiful. It was directed by Evan Owen Dennis and was shot by Aaron Phillips, who I think did a great job. LIke the video in the previous post, there’s a lot of contrast and very desaturated colors which really give the video an old, somber kind of feeling. Is the ball meant to represent the baby? I honestly have no idea what any of this means but if you do please share it in the comments.


February 19, 2010