Scout Books

My friend Frank Chimero filled me in on a little project he had been working on a couple weeks ago and it’s finally seeing the light of day. Scout Books is a little company started by Pinball Publishing who began creating these Field Notes-esque notepads last year but have teamed up with artists like Frank to create an artist series. Frank’s design is the one on the right and funny enough is called Muttnik, which was a nickname for Laika, the first dog in space. Next month is going to feature Mike Perry, so we should be in for some treats throughout the year.

What’s also fun is that you can create your own notebooks and they’re pretty dang cheap. You can get 50 made for $195, so around $4 each. Think about selling each for $10 and you’re more than doubling your profit, nice, huh? Lots of really rad notebooks to check out so get clicking!


February 17, 2010