‘Better Together’ for Match.com by FriendsWithYou

I wanted to transfer from the videos of Thursday into the lovey feelings of Friday. Yes, Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, hopefully you’ve realized. so I have a few special V-Day posts planned for today. The first is this really cute video which was done by the awesome folks over at FriendsWithYou. A bit ago they started FWY Studios to handle commercial animation jobs and since have been creating some rather charming pieces.

This one above was created for Match.com and illustrates how we all have a match, it’s just a matter of finding it. In this case, Peas and Carrots unfortunately seem to keep missing each other, but obviously through the wonders of Match they’d find each other… right. Nonetheless the animation is spot-on and totally adorable. I love that the bat and robin go together… like Batman and Robin.


February 12, 2010