‘In Our Talons’ by Bowerbirds

A little while back everyone was going crazy for that Grizzly Bear video that looked like melty clay… and in my opinion was pretty lame. In comparison is this video for the Bowerbirds song In Our Talons, which is off of their 2007 album Hymns for a Dark Horse. Pretty much the entire video is done in stop motion and looks absolutely amazing, way better then that clay crap.

I think my favorite part is when the crow starts dancing. He rolls into a ball, his feathers change colors, and overall he looks pretty dang real. The crab dancing is funny as well, though the best is when he’s spinning in place, it’s so magical looking. But I think the most beautiful shot overall has to be the praying mantises facing off against each other in the middle of a wildfire. Just writing it out it sounds awesome… and the ending is quite poetic and beautiful.

The video was directed by Alan Poon, who should get some sort of medal for this video. This is how you do stop motion.


February 11, 2010