The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Alex Mathers

Alex Mathers

It’s a little late in the day for the wallpaper, but sleep was more important last night. This week we have a very busy and talented young dude from the UK named Alex Mathers. Alex is all over the place these days. You might find him creating illustrations for his personal site, or writing about interesting art and design on his blog Ape on the Moon, or on Red Lemon Club, a site that’s dedicated to helping freelance creative types promote themselves and their work. Clearly he’s got a lot on his plate, but somehow he manages to make it all work.

Yet amid his busy schedule he was able to create the rad wallpaper you see above. I”m not 100% sure what it mens exactly but it sure is cool looking. I really love all of the colors and the wave patterns which appear all over. Thanks again Alex for the wallpaper.


February 10, 2010