Molson Canadian Beer Redesign

There have been some interesting redesigns over the last week so I thought I’d talk about a couple more. Last year on Boxing Day beer brand Molson Canadian rolled out a redesigned label, ditching that moist leaf (ew) and slanted type for something more traditional, and well, awesome looking. The new design looks crisp and ageless, like the logo has been that way forever.

The redesign was done by Spring Design Partners and I think they’ve launched this brand in the right direction. It definitely falls in line with the heritage style of branding that’s quite popular right now in all fields, but this feels so much better than the previous version. I still can’t get over that slightly italicized font on the old label. One detail that I think is pretty rad is that each letter alternates between red and blue… how many other brands can you think of that still do that?

Sadly though, their website uses Flash and still has the old branding. Boo.

Found through Brand New


February 10, 2010