‘The Highfliers’ by Ryan McGinley

Man, Ryan McGinley is one busy little fella’. It was only like 2 weeks ago that I posted about Mr. McGinley’s film featuring Tilda Swinton for Pringle and now he’s shooting some of the best and brightest of the 2010 Winter Olympics for the New York Times. This isn’t his first time shooting for NYT, you might remember the Olympic swimmers he shot in 2004 or the breakthrough actors for T, but he certainly isn’t afraid of capturing new and exciting people.

I love all the colors and angles he was able to capture, but I have to admit that these weird, frilly costumes by Rodarte really don’t do it for me. In fact I think the detract from the photos a lot instead of enhance them, but that’s just my opinion. Nonetheless I love the compositions and the ethereal nature of them all.


February 9, 2010