‘Good Intentions Paving Company’ by Joanna Newsom

After almost four years Joanna Newsome is finally releasing a new album called Have One On Me which is coming out on February 23rd. Supposedly the record is going to be three discs long, which is kind of insane, but I’m all for it. It also may be part of the reason it took her 4 years to release something new. As far as I know the album hasn’t leaked yet, which is kind of unbelievable, but there’s a new song you can listen to called Good Intentions Paving Company.

The song reminds of somewhere between Joni Mitchell circa Blue and Regina Spektor. It seems like she’s shed her weirdo folk sound for something a little more in tune with Vetiver. It’s definitely still her traditional style of making songs epic-ly long, but it’s really a gem of a song. Put this on the list of albums to possibly freak out about.

Also, the tiny strip is by Geoff McFetridge and was posted on the Drag City site as a teaser. It would be sweet if he illustrated the album like he did for Whitest Boy Alive and Zwan.

Found through Gorilla vs. Bear


February 3, 2010