Residence in Colina, Chile

I know I post a lot of minimal architecture, but it’d probably be more accurate to say that I would personally enjoy a space that is a mix of things. I like some things to be simple and others to have character and vibrance, I think that makes for an interesting combination. This house in Colina, Chile is a great example of that idea.

The house feels both contemporary and traditional at the same time, with slabs of concrete mixed in with brick work and wood panelling, while polished marble floors bridge this divide somewhere in between. It also has a pretty traditional, pitched roof shape but then you have the concreted jutting out of doorways and framing entire portion of the house, giving it a monument-eque feeling.

Overall I think it’s an absolutely beautiful place, somewhere you could raise a family and enjoy your mid-century modern furniture.

Found through ArchDaily


February 2, 2010