Jakob Hunosøe

My friend Philip Kennedy who runs the wonderful blog Fieldwork recently took a little tour of the Nordiclands, taking pictures and finding cool things along the way, not to mention making me extremely jealous. One of my favorite finds of his are these photos from Danish photographer Jakob Hunosøe.

Jakob has this sort of magical, to quote Steve Jobs, way of photographing common objects and households. A lot of his photos appear to be mirror images but closer inspection you can see that they’re simply trying to be so. They’re elaborately set-up with even the coffee stains trying to mimic each other. The images remind me of those games you play in bars where you have to notice the 10 things that are different in the naked lady picture… you know what I’m talking about. Jackob currently has a show at the Peter Lav Gallery in Copenhagen, if you’re in the area you should check it out.

Be sure to check out the rest of Philip’s adventure and finds by clicking here.


February 2, 2010