The 2009 Annual Feltron Report

Last week Nicholas Felton, master of all things diagrammed, released his newest Feltron Annual Report for 2009 which outlines all of the activities he participated in last year. This year though he decided to change things up a bit and asked people he met to log their encounters through an online survey he set up.

In an interview with Mike Arauz, Mr. Felton speaks about the benefits of opening up his data collection to social input:

There have always been questions about my behavior that I have felt unqualified to track. My mood is one of those qualitative traits that I would rather not judge for myself, and the reporting system I devised provided a less biased way of recording it. Overall I was interested in how others see me, and what is memorable about an encounter with me. Ultimately, we all have our own self-image, but your public persona is how other people see you, and what they remember and tell others. This was what I hoped to record, evaluate and communicate. Of course, it has it’s limitations. I didn’t find that anyone recorded their dissatisfaction. I presume that if we had a negative encounter, that person was not interested in telling me my faults.

I’d suggest reading the rest of the interview as well, it’s a great look into a very talented guys head. You can also pre-order a letter pressed version of Mr. Feltron’s report for $20 by clicking here.
Yet again he knocks it out of the park.


February 1, 2010