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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Matthew Lyons

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons

A couple of weeks ago we had a really wonderful wallpaper by Matt Lyon, and in a bizarre turn of events this week we have Matthew Lyons. They’re two very different fellows but both extremely talented. This week’s Matthew you may remember from a couple weeks ago when I posted about his extremely rad work. Since then we’ve chatted and I asked him if he would do a desktop wallpaper for you, and he graciously obliged.

Matthew told me that he made this wallpaper to burn my eyes out, after I told him I preferred darker wallpapers. He also called me a “goth man”, haha… Anyhow, he wrote me that he wanted to create “a robot who is terminating all quarms and turmoils that he has in life by steadily cruise controlling tranquil barren land.” I think that he’s more than accomplished that, and I think his wallpaper is one of my favorites of the last two years. Thanks again Matthew, you big jerk…

Random CD Artwork by Hubero Kororo

Creating interesting and exciting artwork is always a challenge for any creative person, but what if you stood back and let nature take it’s course? That’s what Hubero Kororo has done for the packaging of Uceroz’s newest CD Pappeltalks. The cover at first appears to be a minimal, white cover, with nothing but simple text. But you tear off a strip on the side of the CD which releases an ink packet that begins to dye the front of the packaging a deep purple, the same color as the inside of the CD.

This is such a great idea because no matter what the pattern it creates will always be original and random. This to me falls into the same realm as the cover to Beck’s album The Information, which was had a ruled grid for a cover but came with a set of stickers so you could create your own custom cover. The idea of having a random, original cover is an interesting one that I’d love to see implemented in different ways, even for different projects.

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F*ck Social Networks, Make Friendships

Over the last couple days I’ve had a couple of conversations about social networks, and in particular, those that lead to opportunities. It seems to me these days a lot of people make a living by being “social media experts” or some kind of nonsense like this. I found this completely ridiculous.

For an individual, the goal should not be to increase your social network by whoring yourself out, adding as many as friends as possible. This simply dilutes your message and makes you look like a wanker, as my friend Frank Chimero would say.

What you should be doing is finding like minded people to collaborate with and learn from. Often times I think of a social media site like LinkedIn, which is supposed to help you get a job. How many people do you know have gotten a cold call from an employer based upon them finding a profile on LinkedIn? I bet one or two of you may have had this happen, but I bet the occurrence of this happening is slim to none. Most likely someone knew someone who had an open position and the prospective employee was Googled, a LinkedIn account was found, and further assurance was given to the prospective employer.

But if you take the time to nurture relationships, even if they’re over email or Twitter, you’re doing more than just amassing a list of random strangers you’d like to work with. For me personally, I’ve met more people in the last 2 and a half years that were worth a damn than the last 10 combined. People who used to be my heroes are now an email away, and if I need a favor I can simply ask. Why? Because we’re friends now.

Don’t waste your time adding people, create amazing things, be genuine, and good things will come to you.


‘untitled 246’ by Eduardo Omine

This was meant to be a part of the colors post from yesterday, but I thought extend it a bit to show you the how great this is. Created by Eduardo Omine, the video is rather simple. Lines start to appear, crossing and running into one another, and when they strike they a particle effect like an explosion. But when you combine this with music and a change in pace and color, it really starts to get interesting.

I’m not really sure why this video is so interesting, it’s sort of like a digital spider’s web coming together. But there’s something really appealing and visually interesting about how all of these lines are going to come together and what they’re going to create when they do.



One of the reasons I want to move to Copenhagen (eventually) is their reliance upon bikes. The idea of having a city that really supports the use of bikes in day-to-day life is something that I can really get behind. Recently, the Copenhagen Bike-Share program had a design competition for what’s basically a rent a bike program. Simply swipe an RFID tagged card or NFC enabled mobile phone next to the bike and you can rent it by the hour.

The winning design was by Erik Nohlin of LOTS Design, a guy who seems to have quite a knack for designing bikes. To me this bike looks like a lot of fun. I love the built-in basket, that way you’d never have to worry about not having a place to store things when you ran errands. The bike dispensaries as well can be placed anywhere in the city, giving people more options to use the bikes wherever they may be.

I find these kind of grand ideas really inspiring. The idea of giving back to the community is such a powerful idea to me. I think that if we gave back to our communities more there could be a lot of really great change happening. Unfortunately people usually only do it for their own ego or vanity.



Garuda is a simple but beautiful film about a young Indian boy who chases his dream. The visuals in the film are totally stunning, filled with all kinds of wonderful colors and textures. There seems to be bits of paper, pastels, watercolors and all sorts of things I can’t identify. You know name, it they probably used it.

The short was created by Nicolas Athane, Meryl Franck, Alexis Liddell, Andres Salaff, Maïlys Vallade, who were all students at Gobelins. My only complaint is that it’s too short, I’d love to see an entire film done in animation style like this. If only animation studios would start to turn in a direction like this.


Brent Couchman

To continue with my color spree I present you Brent Couchman, a graduate of Abilene Christian University who has one of those great retro styles. Currently Mr. Couchman works as the Senior Graphic Designer at Fossil watches, but it’s his personal work that really interests me.

I used to work with kids in a before and after school program for 3 years, and obviously you can’t cuss in front of them, so I used to say “DANG!” all the time instead. This is what I thought of when I saw that first image. And then there’s the image of the persons leg with rocking some Chuck’s and a nice pair of argyle socks. There’s just something so precise and perfect that I really like about this, plus the colors go really well together.

You can check out his portfolio site here and his Flickr here.

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Vintage Ducats Milk Packaging

I’ve decided today is all about color, I’m feeling in a vibrant mood. I think I came across these milk packages on FFFFound which lead me to a site called Re:collection, which describes itself as “an online archive of Australian graphic design: 1960 – 1980.” It’s a really great site filled with some really wonderful items, but these milk boxes really caught my attention.

Could you imagine buying milk as a 7 year old and having these pop up in front of you? I think I would have been trying to paint masterpieces or redesigning the school newspaper at an early age. It just goes to show that you can sneak good design into the most (seemingly) ordinary objects.