‘Cracker Bag’

I spotted this little video on Vimeo’s featured videos page and was extremely curious about it. It’s a story about “a girl named Eddie who spends her pocket money obsessively hoarding fireworks and carefully planning for cracker night. When it finally it arrives, Eddie and her family head to the local football oval. In the frosty air Eddie lights the fuse of her first cracker and experiences a pivotal moment, one of the seemingly small experiences of childhood, that affects us for the rest of our lives.”

To say that this short film is beautiful and touching is an understatement. The little girl Eddie, played by Edith Cattell, is absolutely amazing and I believe every second that she is this character. The styling of the film is spot on as well. It’s set in the 1980’s and everything about it feels like the time period without falling into any cliches. The film was brought Cannes in 2003 and won the Palme D’Or – Short Film award, so clearly I’m not alone in my passion for it.

The directors name is Glendyn Ivin, and I really hope that he gets some sort of feature fim some time soon, I think he could make something really special. I’d also like to suggest you check out the short film he made with his six year old son about their three chickens which is called The Brunswick Browns. I smiled and giggled a lot and it should make you happy as well.


January 29, 2010