G.I. Joe The Animated Movie Intro

The other day for whatever reason I started thinking about the opening credits of the G.I. Joe movie, you know the animated one from 1987? I found it with a little difficulty but it was totally worth it. I remember watching the scene above when I was really young, I mean the movie came out when I was 5, so it must have been some time after that. That opening is what I think of when I think of G.I. Joe.

So I was quite curious to see how horrible the new live-action movie was. I visited my nearest video store (read: Google) and watched the whole damn thing. I really can’t understand how you can screw up a movie so badly. They didn’t shoot blue and red lasers, everyone was related in some way, and Snake Eyes had a face built into his costume.

I don’t even need a complex plot line! Just make it a war movie about people shooting at each other and beating one another up, I would have been happy! I think Quentin Tarantino should have done G.I. Joe instead of Inglourious Basterds. His version could have been a mix between Basterds and Kill Bill, with weird, over the top characters and lots of action. Any other directors out there that would have been good for this movie? Maybe Paul Greengrass’ Bourne-style version?


January 28, 2010