‘Augmented (hyper)Reality’ by Keiichi Matsuda

Trying to predict the future is both difficult and exciting, and I think this wonderful short film by Keiichi Matsuda has quite a few really interesting ideas that I haven’t seen before.

The video takes place strictly in the kitchen of man from the future. When it starts you see that the man is inundated by advertisements everywhere. Suddenly, he reaches out and a menu appears, allowing him to turn off all of the ads. If you look closely, he’s actually making money by viewing these ads all of the time. The reason he turns off the ads is so he can make a cup of tea.

He starts the automatic kettle, which also has a pop up display telling you how long the water will take to boil. He then gestures and a search form pops up, allowing him to search how to make tea. A computerized helper begins to help him to make tea, telling him to put the tea bag into the cup.

While he’s waiting he decides to check his networks, and with a flick of his fingers all of the ads disappear. You can see a cheery looking field with hundreds of connections being constantly updated with photos and status updates. He finishes up with that, grabs the skim milk out of the fridge and pours his tea. Suddenly though he’s alerted that his “Liquid Waste” levels are full and that he needs to relieve himself.

It’s really the details in this video that make it intriguing to me. And the idea that he probably filmed the whole thing in his tiny apartment, making it feel authentic. I hope nothing like this ever comes to light, but it’s certainly raises some interesting questions.


January 28, 2010