Apple’s New iPad

Here’s a fact. Apple yesterday released the most technologically advanced personal computer in the world, dubbing it the iPad. A combination between an iPhone and a Macbook, they have created a new category of computers.

And what are you doing? You’re bitching about it.

My favorite right now are people who are already naysaying the device, saying that it’s a failure because it can’t do _______? That it’s just a giant iPhone, who cares? To those who say that I ask, have you tried it yet? Cuz’ my guess will be that most likely none of you have. I can only think of one person I know (through Twitter only, hello Hamish) who’s actually had a chance to touch the damn thing. But no, you already know in your heart of hearts that this device is not special, and that when you get to try it for yourself that you’re going to be disappointed beyond belief.

For those who are disappointed by it, who think it’s a rehash of the iPhone, I honestly feel bad for you. I know it doesn’t cook you toast, and I know you wanted it to have lasers, but you’re completely overlooking the fact that no one else on Earth could make a device anything like this. Please prove me wrong, I would love to see some competition on this device. But like the iPhone, no other competitor has come close to matching the same kind of experience. Sure, Google released the Nexus One, which supposedly is great, but it’s no iPhone. How many “iPhone killers” have come and gone now…?

I personally think it looks amazing, and that a device like this makes sense for me. I currently own an iMac and an iPhone, so I’m set at home and I can manage when I’m away. But I wish I had a laptop so I could write during the day and leave my den every now and then. So my choice is between a device like the iPad or a laptop. After everything I’ve seen today, I honestly think I can do most (read: MOST) of the things I could do on a laptop, but the iPad seems more… well, fun. And what’s wrong with wanting something fun to work (and play) with?

Plus we have yet to see even a fraction of the potential the iPad holds, you see, just like the iPhone this device is capable of anything. Jesus Diaz wrote a really amazing article over on Gizmodo about the iPad interface before it was released and in it he describes the iPhone, and thus the iPad, as being a “morphing machine.” That whatever you need the device to be, it is. It can transform from a camera, to a phone, to email, to a game, to a map, whatever you need is at your fingertips. This is huge, and the potential for future apps for the iPad is immense.

I know I won’t sway a lot of you from doubting the iPad, and that’s fine. But before you go around saying how stupid/fail/ugly/unnecessary the iPad is, how about you reserve your judgement until you actually get to use it for a few minutes, how does that sound?


P.S. They could call it the iDouche for all I care, if it’s amazing who gives a rip?

Update: First I want to say how awesome I think it is that you’re all writing in about this, especially that you’re all being fairly respectful and coherent. I didn’t have to delete anyone’s jackass comments.

Second, for those who don’t understand why the device doesn’t, and will never, have Flash, read this article by John Gruber of Daring Fireball called Apple, Adobe and Flash. If you own an iPhone you know you don’t need Flash, and with the coming of HTML5 things are going to change. He perfectly sums it up for you.

Third, Apple is not here to braid our hair and be our best friends. First and foremost they are a company and they are here to make money, no matter what their PR is trying to say. To think differently would be foolish. Yes, they also design some of the best looking products out there, but they are here to make money. Capitalism, folks.

January 28, 2010