The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Matthew Lyons

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons

A couple of weeks ago we had a really wonderful wallpaper by Matt Lyon, and in a bizarre turn of events this week we have Matthew Lyons. They’re two very different fellows but both extremely talented. This week’s Matthew you may remember from a couple weeks ago when I posted about his extremely rad work. Since then we’ve chatted and I asked him if he would do a desktop wallpaper for you, and he graciously obliged.

Matthew told me that he made this wallpaper to burn my eyes out, after I told him I preferred darker wallpapers. He also called me a “goth man”, haha… Anyhow, he wrote me that he wanted to create “a robot who is terminating all quarms and turmoils that he has in life by steadily cruise controlling tranquil barren land.” I think that he’s more than accomplished that, and I think his wallpaper is one of my favorites of the last two years. Thanks again Matthew, you big jerk…

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