Random CD Artwork by Hubero Kororo

Creating interesting and exciting artwork is always a challenge for any creative person, but what if you stood back and let nature take it’s course? That’s what Hubero Kororo has done for the packaging of Uceroz’s newest CD Pappeltalks. The cover at first appears to be a minimal, white cover, with nothing but simple text. But you tear off a strip on the side of the CD which releases an ink packet that begins to dye the front of the packaging a deep purple, the same color as the inside of the CD.

This is such a great idea because no matter what the pattern it creates will always be original and random. This to me falls into the same realm as the cover to Beck’s album The Information, which was had a ruled grid for a cover but came with a set of stickers so you could create your own custom cover. The idea of having a random, original cover is an interesting one that I’d love to see implemented in different ways, even for different projects.

Found through today & tomorrow


January 27, 2010