Brent Couchman

To continue with my color spree I present you Brent Couchman, a graduate of Abilene Christian University who has one of those great retro styles. Currently Mr. Couchman works as the Senior Graphic Designer at Fossil watches, but it’s his personal work that really interests me.

I used to work with kids in a before and after school program for 3 years, and obviously you can’t cuss in front of them, so I used to say “DANG!” all the time instead. This is what I thought of when I saw that first image. And then there’s the image of the persons leg with rocking some Chuck’s and a nice pair of argyle socks. There’s just something so precise and perfect that I really like about this, plus the colors go really well together.

You can check out his portfolio site here and his Flickr here.

Found through Grain Edit

January 26, 2010