‘I’m Here’, The New Spike Jonze Film

Rounding out my video posts for the day is the trailer for Spike Jonze’s new short film I’m Here, which will also be premiering at Sundance. Here’s a quick description of it:

The movie is set in contemporary L.A., where life moves at a seemingly regular pace with the exception of a certain amount of robot residents who love among the population. A male robot librarian lives a solitary and methodical life — devoid of creativity, joy and passion – until he meets an adventurous and free spirited female robot.

From what little I’ve seen in the trailer I think it looks like a cute movie. The faces are interesting, the guy’s face is more like an old, beige tower, outdated and obsolete. While the girl’s face is more human looking, with a rounder shape. It’s definitely filmed in Spike’s signature style, he has such a great, naturalistic approach, even if it’s all quite fantastic. I hope Absolut, who as you’ll see funded the film, shows it in it’s entirety on the web so we can all enjoy it. It would give them quite a few brownie points as well.

I also wanted to mention the website as well, which is quite well done.

When you visit the site you get a shot of movie theater, but it looks like you’re watching a live feed. In fact, I took a screenshot from this afternoon, the top image, and then one around 5pm. You can see that the image changes depending on what time of day it is, and I’m willing to bet that it’s a 24 hour video loop. I’m really curious to see if they do anything more with this aspect.

You’re then guided by a small, white arrow to approach the box office. From here you can see there’s a computer inside which let’s you learn more about the film. It’s a nice detail to see that all of the titles on the screen are done in Futura Condensed Extra Bold, the signature typeface of Absolut vodka. Overall I think the presentation is done extremely well, though I can’t say this makes me want to drink Absolut (or any vodka) any time soon.


January 21, 2010