Ryan McGinley & Tilda Swinton for Pringle of Scotland

Take one W√ľnderkind photographer, one Academy Award winning actress, blend in a nearly 200 year old knitwear brand and what do you get? A short film directed by Ryan McGinley featuring Tilda Swinton running around Scotland in beautiful dresses made by Pringle of Scotland.

Pringle is currently using Tilda Swinton as their muse, as she models not only the women’s but the men’s clothing as well, acting as an androgynous in-between. I’m a huge fan of Ryan McGinley’s and I think Tilda Swinton is a very talented actress, s it’s fun to see them collaborate like this. Don’t expect anything deep, this is meant to be pretty images of a pretty girl running around the pretty countrysides of Scotland.

Click here to watch the full short film.

Found through The Scout


January 19, 2010