Wolff Olins’ Ten for 2010

Wolff Olins, designers of some of the most… intriguing logos of the last decade (read this list by Under Consideration and you’ll see what I mean) so I was excited to see that they have a section called Thinking with some interesting ideas. The one I really liked was called Ten for 2010, a list of “new things that could make a big impact” which was created along with Wallpaper*.

Their ideas include augmented reality, waterproof sand, battery powered cars, enhanced reading, cultural infographics, pay by mobile phone and my favorite, folding wheels.

Inventor Duncan Fitzsimons, a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, wanted to find a way to make performance bikes (which need large wheels) fold up small. This meant not just folding the frame, but somehow folding the wheel too. With help from InnovationRCA, this seemingly impossible product now exists. And its first application isn’t on bikes, but on wheelchairs. In 2010, for the first time, users will be able to fold their wheelchairs into much smaller spaces, making them much easier to store and carry.

There are definitely some great thoughts on here and it’ll be interesting to see if Wolff Olins follows through with some of these in their own projects.


January 18, 2010