‘The Hidden Radiance’ by Geoff McFetridge

Several years ago I went on a date with a guy which I thought had gone well. I was excited to see him again, so I thought I’d be rather charming and make him a mixtape with some cool packaging. Sadly, he didn’t feel the same way, so date number two never happened and I was stuck with a mixtape with some dudes name on it. Well I found that mixtape yesterday and realized that it was made out of a Geoff McFetridge image called The Hidden Radiance, which you can see above.

The image was created for Beautiful Losers back in 2004 and features a bunch of random geometric shapes and patterns, though mine was in white, not blue. I even found a site that’s selling 16″ x 20″ prints of this for $150, signed and dated and everything. It’s probably one of my favorite prints of his, I love all the rays which shoot in all kinds of directions.

That dude totally lost out.

January 18, 2010