‘Neighbors’ by Damon Winter

Damon Winter, a staff photographer for the New York Times, has been working on a photo column called The Lens Project which allows the photographers to make their own commentary through images. He created a series called Neighbors which utilizes double exposures created with a large format camera to make interesting juxtapositions of images.

It’s quite interesting to hear about his process, some of the images are about color and form while others are about contrast, like an image taken on Fifth Aveue in Manhattan and then Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. They’re very different places but he manages to marry together a similar idea that links them together, and in this case, the neon signs from the Louis Vuitton store and then a pair of umbrellas that sit in front of a bodega.

I also love that he thinks of a shoot he did in Flushings, the image with the plane and the signs above, not as how many sheets he took, but how many dumplings he ate, which was 46.

Click here for the rest of the photos.


January 18, 2010